Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Craig on Absurdity of Life Without God

Having finished listening to william Lanes Craig lecture on absurdity of Life without God,it made me see life and existence in a totally new light.

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For a moment what is the purpose of existence if there is no God?

If there is a God,then there is continuity of life through eternal existence with God at the end of this mortal existence.

But if God does not exist then why do humans live life as if it matters?

The earth's resources are diminishing,and environmental degradtion is killing our planet.
The sun is dying,in 3-5 billion years from now it will obliterate the earth and most if not all of the inner planets.Life will cease to exist on earth.

The universe itself as we know it is finite,a time will reach when the universe will be empty space.All stars having died and matter reduced to small quakes.


Whats the point of people being good or bad?if ultimately everyone will die and there will be no human race?

There is no ultimate difference between hitler and mother teresa.At one point in the future,no one will be there to account for their deeds.They were simply two organisms which acted differently and ceased to exist.

All the charity organizations,food programmes,hunger walks, and special programmes to help the needy and suffering in society are pointless in the long run.Everyone will die.

Our justice system is if no use,since the murderers,robbers and the good people all have the same fate.

Meaning of Life

Another question we can ask is,what is the ultimate significance of a persons life?If a person lives and ceases to exist,then that persons existence has no ultimate meaning.Ultimately,it would have made no difference if he lived or not.

But you might say,"he's or her life changed peoples lives,made a contribution while he was alive."

But thats only a relative significance.He's life was only meaningful for a certain period,and besides since everything that he ever influenced will also cease to exist,then this significance is still meaningless.Its like a death row convict advising a fellow death row convict not to commit suicide on the eve his execution.

The human race is really not special after all.Mosquitos and flies and roaches all have the same fate.Human beings do not ultimately have any special existence compared to bacteria or worms.all our fates are the same.

All our efforts of science,knowledge,medicine and technological advancements are all in vain.We build cities,towns,better drainage,try to create efficient systems,end poverty, but all this is of no use if they will all cease to exist.


Anonymous said...


So you are trying to establish that maisha without God is bad. That said, you still have to establish the existence of a God.

A God is not necessary for your moral basis or to bring meaning to your existence.

Ernest said...

I am not saying Life is bad without God,This is because Humans have found a way to attach meaning in their lives.

But ultimately if God does not exist,then all this meaning we have attached is of no use.The universe will cease to exist and it will not matter whether we attached meaning to our lives or not.

The question is,if God does not exist,and this life is only temporary,then why do we live life as if it matters?

Anonymous said...

God is life and Life is God.

Chantal said...


Anonymous what do you mean when you say --"A God is not necessary..to bring meaning to your existence". Isn't God the reason for our very existence? In the abscence of God, what would there be. Can there be creation without a creator?