Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Witchraft is incompatible with Christianity.

Witchcraft/sorcery is an age-old practice in many African societies. And its still very rife in modern day Africa.
What is amazing is that many African Christians believe in the powers of sorcery and vodoo.
What is even more amazing is that educated pastors will preach that witchcraft is compatible with the teachings of Christianity.

Witchcraft/sorcery is the believe that a person(witch) possesses magical powers which can influence other peoples behaviors or bring good fortunes to people. Despite the lack of concrete evidence for the claims of sorcerers,people will still be ready to grant that witchcraft works.

The problem with witchcraft is the lack of concrete evidence. Mostly hearsay and circumstantial situations. Epilepsy or schizophrenia are automatically labeled as proof of bewitching.

Christianity preaches that demons do exist. Matthew 8:28-34 records an instance where Jesus casts out demons and sends them to the pigs.

People normally do not know the difference between evil spirits/demons and the ability of a person to control someones else's life through magic. Is it possible then that someone can "send" bad spirits to someone else so as to be possessed?

There is no teaching in the bible which records such an instance. The bible records demon possession,but not the possibility of someone being jinxed.
If witchcraft is true,then it rubbishes most of Jesus's teachings.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled."

If someone has the power to control someones behaviors eg drive someone mad,then what happens to Free-will?what do we make of the teachings that God gave man the ability to chose his destiny through his works,whether to go to heaven or hell?

whats the point of judgment day?how will God judge those who were "possessed"?
If witchcraft is true,then Christianity is inherently false. Salvation through Jesus Christ is a myth.

What about ghosts?Ghosts are believed to be dead people who have come back in the form of spirits .The possibility of ghosts directly contradicts the teachings of God. The bible teaches of every human having only two places to go after death,Heaven or Hell. But it seems then Earth is a third choice!ghosts hang around haunted houses and buildings. Isn't there judgment for them?Can i become a ghost after i die so as to avoid going to hell or heaven?

The above are believes which do not hold any water in Christian theodicy. They bring up contradictions within the teachings of Christianity. And so either witchcraft is true or Christianity is true,but not both.


Acolyte said...

Basically what you are saying is that traditional African belief systems are evil and eurocentric christian belief systems are good?
I think God showed himself to different people in different ways so that is why we had our own way of worship before the Europeans came and labelled it all witchcraft. Not to say there is no evil spiritual practice in Africa, there is and was but not all that is African is bad.

Ernest said...

I am not saying that African traditions are bad,i am saying belief in witchcraft/sorcery is incompatible with Christianity.

Even Europeans had sorcery ,so this post applies to anyone who believes that Christianity is compatible with sorcery.

Sorcery and voodoo complicates teachings on Freewill,Salvation,eternal redemption for believers,fate of the soul etc

Anonymous said...

How can someone say that Jesus saves,and in the same breathe believe that a Witch can jinx people.It does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

Witchcraft is an abomination to God. You can see this in the example of King Saul in I Samuel in the Old Testament and other places. The reason it is an abomination is that God is a jealous God and knows where witchcraft leads as to consequences. That is why he warned the Israelites and us to stay away from it. He loves us and doesn't want us to fall into the trap, but we have a free choice.

People's curiosity leads them into things they should not be into. They are not content with what the Bible teaches. If you look in John 20 in the New Testament, it says that not everything Jesus did was put into print, but enough so that we could believe.

Frank said...

I fully agree any witchcraft traditions and practices are in direct confict with God and His Word. In fact they are so serious they are an abomination in His sight. Best to avoid them totally for they only lead to darkness.

Anonymous said...

i also do agree that witchcraft is not part of Christian doctrine,and any pastor who condones such practices is a phony.

acolyte said...

Anonymous said...

How can someone say that Jesus saves,and in the same breathe believe that a Witch can jinx people.It does not make sense.

How can you believe in light and at the same time not believe in darkness? Where one exists surely the other must be there. The only flaw some of those people have is having feet in both camps.

@ earnest
My question to you is, any African traditional practice that had spiritual connotations ie funeral ceremonies held at certain times to prevent haunting and such. Since those don't have christian foundations, are they witchcraft to you?

I agree that people shouldnt have claim one practice yet partake of another. But we as Africans have discarded so much of what we are due to christianity when on the other hands the christianity passed onto us by europeans is replete with pagan influences. Do some research and you shall be very surprised at the parallels. You throw off your old shirt thinking you are getting a new one when what you are getting in return is a reconditioned older shirt......

Ernest said...

[QUOTE]Any African traditional practice that had spiritual connotations ie funeral ceremonies held at certain times to prevent haunting and such. Since those don't have Christian foundations, are they witchcraft to you?[/QOUTE]

In my post i specified the type of witchcraft i was referring to.Where one's life,health,mental stability or fortunes. are at the hands of a sorcerer.

You see why these claims are problematic to Christian teachings is that,the bible says that only God has the right to life of any human.But if the power is vested on a sorcere then it means that atleast God is powerless on this issue.

If a sorcerer can condemn a person to a life of poverty,then the Bible's teachings of blessings for people who are hardworking are baseless.

If a sorcerer can drive someone mad,then the mad person cannot be blamed of any sin he or she commits.Its a direct infringement on free-will,which the bible teaches.

If people believe in hauntings,i.e ghosts,then it raises questions on the fate of the soul after death.

These might sound as very simple "traditions" but they have far bigger metaphysical implications.

[QOUTE][b]But we as Africans have discarded so much of what we are due to Christianity when on the other hands the Christianity passed onto us by Europeans is replete with pagan influences.[/b][/QOUTE]

But the bible is there for all to read.Unless your claim is that the bible has been changed.You don't have to follow the "christian tradition passed to us" read the bible and follow it.

Acolyte said...

So we all agree that you either follow Christianity or the other road, not both. But let me share an interesting link with you;

Anonymous said...

Christianity is not compatible with Christianity, in my opinion. Wrath is a sort of "evil" (in Christian terms), and "God" is said to be only good. But anger has never made me feel good, rather it has torn me apart, whether my own anger or someone else's anger. That is not light. And I don't believe Jesus advocated anger. So I believe that the teachings of Christianity are frequently incompatible with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Whether or not witchcraft is incompatible with it is doesn't even matter when you consider this.

In my religion, nothing is incompatible with the religion itself because my religion teaches about the whole world, not just its own world. It's this Christianity which starts wars by torturing all sorts of random ideas out of itself (a method that doesn't work).